What did you do with your hair?!?
I cut it all off...

But why ?!?
It didn't look good anymore.

hair today, gone tomorrow
Who shaves their head anyway?   Why would anybody shave their head?  
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Well, those are the two questions I get asked most frequently...

I'm not going to claim that this is the definitive Shave-Your-Head FAQ, it's just my Shave-Your-Head FAQ. It does qualify as a FAQ, as a lot of people ask me questions about my head on a very regular basis. As such, there's going to be quite a bit of me in this FAQ.

So you know that this isn't just another vanity page, I'll assure you that I'm including how-to and care-and-feeding information, just in case you want to be bald too (or at least be in control of your impending baldness).

There's a who section (mostly about me), a how section (which includes care and feeding), and a why section (which is greatly informed by the experience of having done it already).

In case you would like to get back here, just click on "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow".

Oh, and if you want to find more about who I am, my other web sites, opinions, and such, see the "Other" section.

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